Need Some Good News?

Our first Book of the Month begins today! During January, we will read the Gospel of Mark. Good News or euangelion, is how Mark describes his story of Jesus. He uses a word that was usually ascribed to a military victory. His story anticipates victory through Jesus Christ which will usher in the spoils of war-peace and liberation from oppression. As Jesus acts in the world, he shows us what God's intervention looks like. He also shows us how God desires us to live.

We are starting with Mark because it is the shortest Gospel. Hopefully, this will make developing a discipline of daily reading a bit easier. Mark is also the earliest Gospel. We will begin the year (and decade) with the first Gospel. However, the primary reason for choosing this book is because of what it shows us about Jesus. Mark shows us a very human, very compassionate, and very committed Jesus.

As you read the Gospel, I dare you to take off "confessional lenses" crafted by everything the Church has taught you and read the Gospel for yourself. Read Mark on his own terms without adding other portions of the Bible to it-read it like it is your only record of Jesus. Encounter Jesus, a Jesus who will challenge you, convict you, and lead you through life.

Do not presume that you are on Jesus' side. Read to see if you are or if you are more comfortable with the routines and rituals of religion rather than a relationship with Jesus that can lead you out of your comfort zone. See that following Jesus has the power to change lives. Following Jesus has the power to change the world, for the better.

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