Write Better Sermons

Let me show you how to maximize your preaching ministry AND make time for yourself! Less Stress Sermon Prep is a self-paced online course that will teach you

  • flexible, customizable, practical steps to prepare your sermon

  • that you will complete over the course of 4-5 days

  • using small cracks of time (5-45mins) found throughout your day

Less Stress Sermon prep

incorporates tips learned from real life ministry experience that are taught clearly and simply so that you don't need a seminary education to understand. In this course, you will

  • review or learn the critical areas of sermon prep

  • study strategies for interpreting scripture responsibly

  • discover less obvious places to look for sermon ideas

  • learn how, when, and why to use commentaries, concordances, and bible/theological dictionaries

  • key considerations of organizing your thoughts

Your Instructor

Rev. Raquel S. Lettsome, Ph.D.

Affectionately known as "Rev. Raquel," the Reverend Raquel S. Lettsome, Ph.D.has more than two decades of congregational ministry experience and extensive biblical and theological training. She knows how to integrate the highest levels of academic biblical scholarship, life giving ministry practices, and the discernment of the Holy Spirit to equip and empower believers. Dr. Lettsome is a nationally recognized preacher, teacher, and scholar, as well as a published author. Dr. Lettsome holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies (Yale University), a Master of Divinity (Princeton Theological Seminary) and is the first African American to earn a Ph.D. in New Testament Studies from Princeton Theological Seminary (2005).

Course curriculum

    1. Overview of Module 1

    2. Lesson 1: Setting Your Sermon Schedule (1)

    3. Lesson 2: Guard Your Time

    4. Lesson 3: Find the Time

    5. Lesson 4: Setting Your Sermon Schedule (2)

    6. Lesson 5: Draft Your Sermon Prep Schedule

    7. Lesson 6: Create Your Weekly Schedule

    8. Lesson 7: Select a Text

    9. Lesson 8: Step 1: Savor the Text

    10. Lesson 9: An Example of Savoring the Text

    11. Lesson 10: Tip #1

    1. 000.Overview of Module 2

    2. 001.Introduction to Module 2

    3. 01.What Is Exegesis?

    4. 02.Why Is Exegesis Important?

    5. 03.Approaching the Scriptures.Respect

    6. 04.Application vs. Interpretation

    7. 05.Context, Context, Context

    8. 06. Download Your Worksheet

    9. 07. Historical Context.Author, Audience, Date

    10. 08.Literary Context.Genre, Placement

    11. 09.Paraphrase or Outline

    12. 10.What Questions Do You Have?

    13. 11. Just the Facts

    14. 13.Step 2 Wrap Up

    1. 00.Module 3 Overview

    2. 01.Basic Tools.Dictionaries

    3. 02.Basic Tools.Concordance

    4. 03.Basic Tools.Commentaries

    5. 04.Historical Context

    6. 05.Literary Context

    7. 06.Paraphrase.Outline

    8. 07.Questions

    9. 08.Just ther Facts

    10. 09.Their Point, Your Hunch

    1. 02.Module 4.Let It Flow

    2. 03. Module 4.Title

    3. 04.Module 4. Introduction

    4. 05. Module 4. Poimnts & Subpoints

    5. 06.Module 4.Transitions

    6. 07.Module 4. Close

    7. 08.Module 4. Jesus

    8. 09.Module 4.Invitation

    9. 10.Module 4. Check It Out

    10. 01. Module 4 Introduction

    11. 11.Module 4. An Example

    1. Read this first!

    2. Compare versions

    3. Gospel Parallels

    4. Explore People and Places

    5. Repeated Words

    6. Repeated stories, events, verses

    7. Examine the Background

    8. Allusions

About this course

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