Moving You Forward

Rev. Raquel S. Lettsome, Ph.D. officially incorporated RSL Ministries in April, 2021 after launching a weekly online Bible study in January of the same year.  However, the seeds of this ministry were sown when Dr. Lettsome decided to bridge the gap between academic training and ecclesial service by showing ministers how to effectively integrate their theological training into their everyday practice of ministry.  As she worked with ministers, she became increasingly aware of lay people's need for biblical education and sound scriptural interpretation.  Moreover, she recognized that many ministers did not have a "safe space" to learn or continue studying Scripture for both congregational and individual growth.  Thus, RSL Ministries, Inc. became the digital space used to aid Christians in interpreting the Scriptures for preaching, teaching, and living.

The goals of RSL Ministries are two-fold:

  1. biblical interpretation that has scholarly depth, spiritual insight, and practical application that is accessible to individuals regardless of religious/denominational affiliation, educational level, or ordination status 
  2. professional educational opportunities for clergy that  improves their exegetical skills and elevates their preaching and teaching

RSL Ministries, Inc. is a registered non profit in the State of New York and is a federal tax exempt  501(c)3. 

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Rev. Raquel S. Lettsome, Ph.D.