“"This [Less Stress Sermon Prep] is so exciting. I have been preaching almost 40 years and feel like I have missed the mark. I am looking forward to a new way of preaching based upon proper exegesis of the text." ”

Rev. Dr. Jessica K. Ingram, Retired Episcopal Supervisor, 1st Episcopal District, African Methodist Episcopal Church 

“To all my fellow preachers I highly recommend that you take advantage of this course. It’s a great investment!”

Rev. Jahkimmo Smith Pastor, Mt. Zion Ame, Bermuda

“Dr Lettsome has provided a lot of valuable information to assist the messenger with the message! It doesn’t matter what level you consider yourself to be this course will definitely be of great use and support! I highly recommend this course.”

Pastor Val Strong-Jarrell, Less Stress Sermon Prep Student

“Dr. Raquel Lettsome is a multi-talented gift from Christ to His Church. Through this innovative, self-paced course, she provides concrete evidence of my claim. Her course is a gift to the kingdom in general and any preacher in particular who, like me, is still working to be better preacher (after 38 years of preaching and 30+ years of pastoring). I highly recommend her course. So that you know I practice what I preach:  I signed up three of  my staff pastors to take her course. I invite you to do the same!”

Rev. Anthony L. Trufant, Senior Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church of Brooklyn.

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