Empty Spaces to Better Places: The Book of Ruth

God can redeem people AND time

In recent times, the story of Ruth has been idealized as a biblical fairy tale  in which a foreigner marries her biblical equivalent of  Prince Charming.  Nope🙅🏽‍♀‍. This is a story of redemption.

Ruth-an arguably co-dependent women with "mommy issues"

Naomi-a woman whose loss of people has left her feeling like her life has gone to pieces

Boaz-a drunk bachelor sleeping on his business floor

ALL 3 receive redemption (not just the women)!

Ruth becomes the matriarch of a royal line.

Naomi gathers the pieces of her life and finds new purpose.

Boaz shows us that takes it more than a job and money to be a good man. 

Join us as we discover and discern the ways that God redeems both people and time. Indeed,  God can take you from 

Empty Spaces to Better Places!


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